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Please read this document carefully. We aim to answer your questions before you make a final purchase. However, feel free to contact us and contribute to this document if you consider that we have not addressed the abundance of your questions. Do not place an order if you still have doubts.

Free plan

Before making a purchase, we invite you to get the free plan. In addition, we will make available an onboarding series for non-paying users. The free plan is limited to 15-days.

How does the app work

The app works similarly to Netflix, but we have additional mission-critical features to help you get the best results, like Livestreaming, instant polls, comments, Live chat, LMS, and Live expert support. 

We divide content into series and packs. You can buy one series, multiple series, or a pack. In addition, you can create your custom series. You may also purchase access to watch one video only from the available series "expert insights." 

  • You are buying access to watch the content. However, you are not purchasing permission to download content except resources we may offer you in PDF format. 
  • Click on the series of your interest to learn about the videos included in the series.
  • Click on the pack of your interest to learn about the series included in the pack.
  • Livestream does not occur daily. There is a minimum number of sessions per month equal to four. 
  • If you purchase a pack including a mobile native app, the one offered by default is for iOS. You may have to wait up to forty-five (45) days for delivery of the mobile app. However, content is fully available in your account. You can view it on the browser. You may opt-in to get started once the mobile app is delivered. 
  • We may substitute videos on a series with different ones without prior notice. In addition, we may replace the companies listed on a series at any time. We find this level of flexibility critical to offer the best service.
  • To avoid clutter, we shall only publish significant updates, new videos when strictly necessary. So please expect transitory updates to be communicated mainly on Livestream.
  • Any given series shall not contain more than seven videos discussing a maximum of five companies.
  • We highly recommend using the Google Chrome browser. 


  • The content is available in the English language only.
  • We do not provide refunds. However, you can try the free plan before making a final purchase.
  • Your payment does not automatically renew. Therefore, you are responsible for placing a new order before the expiration date.
  • You are strictly forbidden to share the username and password with others.
  • You shall log in to your account to watch the content from one device. 
  • Alex Vieira publishes updates on video mainly during the weekend, except in exceptional cases. Please use premium or expert support if you need help. 

Before paying

Make sure you contact us before making a payment to confirm the instructions for your location.

Placing an order

Alex Vieira decided to improve the workflow offering a far better experience trying to comprehend your needs before placing an order or requesting dedicated support.

From now on, you can schedule a 15-minutes pricing review session and a 30-minutes expert support meeting. 

Choose the option 'schedule' from the menu to review your specific case's pricing and place an order. 

Contact us 

Non-paying users can email us by clicking on the contact link on the footer menu. 

Expert support 

Kindly notice that expert support is only available in specific packs. Click on 'expert support' on the menu to schedule a meeting.